About us

Meow Girl was created by designer Debbie Paltos who fell into jewellery design by chance while attending drama school, working part time as a fashion assistant and looking for a way to earn some extra dosh. The first thing Debbie made was a range of suede cat collars with hand glued Swarovski crystals worn as bracelets. Once Jade Jagger was shot wearing one, Meow Girl was born. Her love for all things miniature, 1920’s stage sets and addiction to collecting vintage ceramic animals led her to create her signature range of hand painted miniature ceramic and porcelain animal pendants. This range is now synonymous with the Meow Girl brand and has led to many other mini collections that compliment it. Debbie’s nonstop love for creating her own colour palette’s and unique pieces has seen the brand expand into experimenting with various other materials such as timber, hand formed clay, spray paints, leathers, and the brilliant colour dimensions of natural stones and crystals. Meow Girl is ever evolving and constantly designing and creating new objects for everyone to enjoy.